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September 19, 2011


Title: Welcome to Week 2
Preview: of CMC11, a MOOC.  This week we will be looking more closely at Connectivism and Connectivism in Education/Lifelong Learning.  Stephen Downes, Senior Researcher for the National Research Council of Canada , will be our keynote presenter on Thursday, 22 September, 12-1pm, US/EDT.  Please check the universal time change chart for your local broadcast time.  How are you doing?  If you are .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on September 19, 2011.

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Title: Multi(ple): literacies, tasking, connecting, networking #MOOC/s
Preview: I am in awe of your organizational skills.  And, really liking the visuals in this post ... thank you.  Hope to read more from your multimooquing/mooking about and how it integrates with your alternate ...
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on September 19, 2011. [Reply]
Title: Connectionist approach, Neural Networks and MOOC (CMC11)
Preview: somehow, i can't   distinguish   the meanings of  Connectionist   and  the connectivism ?can someone help me?or give me some ...
By kevin () on September 19, 2011. [Reply]
Title: my issue and advise on The Content in the MOOC
Preview: i found that the some Learning Materials recommended by our facilitator is very long ,sometimes it is a ebook which has 200 more pages ,i as a non-english learner have difficulty in reading that.and i suggest that if the Learning Materials can be shorten in the future ...
By kevin () on September 19, 2011. [Reply]

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Title: Re: my issue and advise on The Content in the MOOC
Preview: Hello Kevin,No one is expected to read or review all of the materials, blogs, videos, tweets, discussions, etc contained within this learning experience.  It is your choice as to what you follow or engage with.  The site will be active long after the sesions have been completed and you can go back and find things you want to revisit, or visit for the first time ... your choice.  ....
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on September 19, 2011. [Reply]
Title: Re: channels vs. feeds ??
Preview: Hi ilyse. The answer is no.We are not supposed to add a feed item after a channel is approved. The content and discussions happen inside the Channel will not be harvested into gRSShopper. Think of it as a flower that's blossoming. Be creative, create different Channels and make them work. That's how the neural network grow, and how we learn in a MOOC.Love and Light,
By retsam (RetSam Zhang) on September 19, 2011. [Reply]

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: Keynote: Stephen Downes Thursday, 22 September, 12-1pm, US/EDT (2011-09-19T15:53:16Z)
: RT @CathyLAnderson: RT @betty55: #cmc11 check out our week 2 session on Connectivism with Stephen Downes. (2011-09-19T03:34:29Z)
: #cmc11 #change11 neural network model helps explains early confusion in MOOC (2011-09-19T02:55:34Z)
: Cathy's Mixed Bag, distance education, photography MOOC overload #CMC11 (2011-09-19T04:50:03Z)