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October 7, 2011


Title: Announcement
Preview: Some weekend Activities:Thanks to Jeff Lebow, Busan, Korea ... we have a YouTube recording, in addition to the Blackboard Collaborate link in the sidebar under "Recordings".WEEK 4: METALITERACY/TRANSLITERACY ~ MACKEY AND JACOBSON @font-face { font-family: "Courier New"; }@font-face { font-family: "Wingdings"; }@font-face { font-family: "Verdana"; }@font-face { font-family: "Cambria"; }p........
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on October 7, 2011.

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Post Title: It's been how long? 4 weeks since the course started and...
By omar.abighosn, Feed Name: Taming the Wind
Preview: It's been how long? 4 weeks since the course started and I hadn't made my mind about what I'd like to achieve. It seems I'm already working on some things as some songs, a book, illustrations. I also practice taichi in my spare time and pranic healing. I'm living my life without the 9-5 job and I'm doing okay so far. It's been like that since April. On one ....
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Post Title: My Personal Learning Environment #CMC11
By AaronSternDrums, Feed Name: Aspire to Inspire
Preview: My personal learning environment exists on the road. When I started life as a touring musician when I was 18, I discovered that that you are thrust into day-to-day situations that most normal people don't have to deal with. . How does one replace the broken leaf spring on their bands trailer that is stuck on the side of the road in Oklahoma city on a Sunday afternoon in November in order to ....
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Post Title: Passion for Learning ...
By cyeager, Feed Name: CMC11
Preview: Some one asked earlier about the meaning of passion. I have been thinking about what passion means to me and while it has many shades of meanings in my mind, I thought I would share what passion in education means to someone who not only tells us about his passion, he lets us hear it ... PASSION AND CREATIVITY ON THE SILK ROADWhat do you think passion might ....
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Title: Passion for Learning ...
Preview: I love this clip and thank you for sharing it.   The excitement I often feel as a teacher, when a student succeeds, is exactly what YoYo Ma was speaking to, when he said that exchanging ideas student to teacher or vice versa, demonstrates passionate learning.  ...
By wfieser () on October 7, 2011. [Reply]
Preview: Here is the url for the YouTube recording of the 6 October live session on Metaliteracy/Trandliteracy with Thomas Mackey and Trudi Jacobson. session was broadcast globally on LiveStream by Jeff Lebow and recorded on Screen o Matic and uploaded to YouTube.  Many thanks to Jeff, who is located in South Korea.  What a great way to tie .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on October 7, 2011. [Reply]

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Title: Re: Directory of MOOCmates & our interests & URLs
Preview: Looked at the directory and Ilyze's lone entry. Although logging in didn't work, I was delight to see shared interests in digital divide and community organizing. My community bit is more networking (stealth organizing) than organizing, and my overt organizing is in the academic (dis)community of adjunct and contingent faculty. Both require engagement of their respective ....
By VanessaVaile () on October 7, 2011. [Reply]

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: #cmc11 Note that Digital Storytelling course by Tom Mackey is based on metaliteracy and critical thinking. (2011-10-06T17:14:17Z)
: @chrissinerantzi #cmc11 Yes! so, we have metacognitive thinking connected to metaliteracy! (2011-10-06T17:11:08Z)
: #cmc11 the ability to learn how to learn really vital and at the heart of what we should be doing, agree 200% (2011-10-06T17:08:40Z)
: @chrissinerantzi #cmc11 So, metaliteracy in practice includes critical thinking? (2011-10-06T17:06:42Z)
: #cmc11 thank you very much everybody for the webinar. Loads to think about ;o) (2011-10-06T17:21:22Z)
: #cmc11 Trudi says: pushing students and pushing myself as well - modelling learning. excellent (2011-10-06T17:19:46Z)
: @chrissinerantzi @pgcap #cmc11 yes for ePortfolios as learning spaces (2011-10-06T17:19:03Z)
: #cmc11 happy to share links to patchwork eportfolios our students use on our @pgcap - used as personal learning environments (2011-10-06T17:18:20Z)
: @jefflebow @TPMackey @PBKTrudi thanks, so very much, @jefflebow, cmc11 (2011-10-07T01:29:09Z)
: #CMC11-Great presentation today full of information, if you missed it... be sure to check it out! (2011-10-07T01:21:03Z)
: @#CMC11- Great discussion today. Be sure to view the recording if you missed it! #feelingeducatedaboutmedialiteracy# (2011-10-07T01:19:44Z)
: @couki1 #cmc11 presentation by @TPMackey & @PBKTrudi now online: (2011-10-07T01:10:36Z)
: RT @jefflebow: @couki1 #cmc11 presentation by @TPMackey & @PBKTrudi now online: (2011-10-07T15:52:38Z)
: George Siemens Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks at CMC11 (2011-10-07T09:29:48Z)
: George Siemens Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks at CMC11 (2011-10-07T09:29:43Z)