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November 3, 2011


Preview: Designing Online Immersive Environments for Higher Education: Current theories and practice ... with Glen Gatin is today's discussion area. Here is the link for the Live Broadcast: HERE is the link to the week 8 page with the universal time clock for the local broadcast time in your areaIn the event you .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on November 3, 2011.

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Post Title: again or still or always? #cmc11 mooc
By Chrissi Nerantzi, Feed Name: Chrissi Nerantzi
[Read More] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 22:10:39 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: Upshifting Innovation - CMC11
Preview: For this week I focused on iMentor Steve Jobs and Innovation 101. What stood out to me was;1. Be true to yourself2. Don't try and measure up to the standards of others.3. We are all capable innovators.4. Personal experience and exposure enables.Ultimately what prevents us from being creative or innovative is ourselves. It may be a lack of confidence, fear or some other factor but we are ....
[Read More] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 20:13:00 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: Well, I have to post SOMETHING! — CMC11
By ariholub, Feed Name: Uptown Massive
Preview: Like I said, I have to post something. I have to. I’m having trouble doing it, but I have to. It must be done. It must be. Done. Www.mustbedone.Com. Must must must be be be done done done. Filbbidy floo. Having said that, at the moment this is the best I can do for you [...]
[Read More] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 05:40:16 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: #CMC11 My Cognitive Biases
By Betty Hurley-Dasgupta, Feed Name: Creativity and Multicultural Communication
Preview: I went to the wikipedia link as directed in preparation for Glen Gatin's session. It is a list of cognitive biases:, an impressive list it is!Here are two I admit to:planning fallacy: yes, I often underestimate the time it will take to complete a project. reactance (the urge to do the opposite of what someone tells you): I admit mostly ....
[Read More] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 02:39:00 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: Here’s to your illusions.
By johngriffin0928, Feed Name: Forever Learning
Preview: Four years ago, I was in stuck in a routine. I got up in the morning, played with my bird, went to work, went out to eat (which was the focus of my work), went to a dance class and then went home. Except for the dance classes, there wasn’t really much in there that [...]
[Read More] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 05:54:15 +0000 [Comment]

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Title: Well, I have to post SOMETHING! - CMC11
Preview: So nice read your post. Want to acknowledge it since you went to the trouble to share it with us. I don't watch movies - at least not too often - so reading your reviews gave me an idea as to what's out there. Very nice to see that you have your own rating system. You must know about movies to be able to rate them. My all-time favorite movies star Jack Black and Adam Sandler. .......
By BWheat () on November 3, 2011. [Reply]

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Title: Re: Art Expressed in Science And Math
Preview: Carol's suggestion to delve further into the topic of the connection between art, science, and math really does intrigue me, but I haven't found any inspiring information. Does anyone else have anything to add? I'll keep looking. 
By BWheat () on November 3, 2011. [Reply]
Title: Re: Kim chee? Puh-leeze.
Preview: Whatever it is that she is doing... Her and her family are rich. She originally found fame by making a sex tape with Paris Hilton. Now they do a reality show. Her wedding cost $10 million. I read in the tabloids that she will make an additional $5 million for the divorce. And I will work my entire life and never see a fraction of
By tonirboyd () on November 3, 2011. [Reply]
Title: Re: Creativity Starts With A Belief
Preview: This is one of my blog post. :)
By victoryoftheppl (Nichole Reid) on November 3, 2011. [Reply]
Title: Re: Kim chee? Puh-leeze.
Preview: My best friend and I had this conversation last night. We just did not understand why this woman and her exploits were so important. Anything to keep the public's attention away from real
By victoryoftheppl (Nichole Reid) on November 3, 2011. [Reply]

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: @pete_wh really beautiful work Pete #cmc11 (2011-11-03T19:07:12Z)
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: Ooooh more followers! Groovy. #cmc11 (2011-11-03T05:47:48Z)
: #CMC11 Here's to your illusions. (2011-11-03T05:55:07Z)
: My cat's gone feral. He swam to Herald Island, and he changed his name. #microfiction @CatsInNH #ds106 #cmc11 (2011-11-03T06:31:54Z)
: RT @burntsugar: " for location based mobile games #tlv11" #ds106 #cmc11 #eci831#change11 (2011-11-03T06:55:40Z)
: @mark_mcguire Mark are you joining today's #cmc11 webinar? (2011-11-03T10:19:23Z)
: @chrissinerantzi: "Mark are you joining today's #cmc11 webinar?" Depends. 5AM start 4 me. Up late watching #OO (2011-11-03T10:23:45Z)
: Thanks all y'all setting up & participating in #eci831 #change11 and #cmc11 - my brain is humming with ideas, insights, things to instigate. (2011-11-03T15:00:31Z)
: thank you @couki1 for this "Cognitive bias" an eye-opener in many ways #cmc11 (2011-11-03T16:30:43Z)
: What a shame! Missed most of today's #cmc11 webinar ;o( - was earlier than I thought... unfortunately. (2011-11-03T17:08:09Z)
: Great #cmc11 webinar - thanks @couki1 & all. Identity discussion to continue virtually! and then (@chrissinerantzi) Jan coffee in Salford. (2011-11-03T17:18:07Z)
: @IleneDawn @couki1 wonderful Ilene, are you coming back? Looking forward to your visit #cmc11 (2011-11-03T17:23:01Z)