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March 3, 2012


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Post Title: Your Brain On Dance
By Barbara Wheat Lipatapanlop, Feed Name: The Magic Within
Preview: Scientists Map the Brain During Dancing2/28/12We can guess what our brains go through while we're dancing; we experience euphoria, elation, happiness, and probably nervousness for those with two left feet. While we're just conjecturing, scientists at Bangor University are discovering precisely what goes through the brain while we're shaking our groove thing. Dr. Emily Cross ....
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Title: Your Brain On Dance
Preview: For some reason the Huffington Post video couldn't be viewed in Canada--anyone know why, or is it just another reason to avoid America and learn to live with Steven Harper? Anyway Emily S Cross is a busy person and you can read some her other things here: Normal 0 false false false EN-CA X-NONE X-NONE .......
By scottHJ () on March 3, 2012. [Reply]

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: @cmc11 hahahaha yeah I keep thinking the same thing (2012-03-03T06:13:54Z)
: @cmc11 Anything for you Cassie! (2012-03-03T01:36:20Z)
: Greg's Showco ramblings : #Teen Stories – Mobile and Social #CMC11| @scoopit (2012-03-02T05:12:55Z)
: @cmc11 thanks Cass.... Hopefully you are right! I'm just thankful lax is starting soon so I feel like I have a purpose in life again (2012-03-01T19:35:15Z)
: @cmc11 HI I LOVE YOU! (2012-03-01T04:57:15Z)
: @cmc11 welcome to the dark side #twitter #distraction (2012-03-01T04:36:09Z)
: @cmc11 welcome to twitter Cassie Chase! I miss you so so so much! (2012-03-01T02:21:46Z)
: @cmc11 I have no idea what you're talking about. Lol! (2012-02-29T21:00:43Z)