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March 10, 2012


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Post Title: Abstracted Letters
By Nancy Wolf, Feed Name: Art for the Life of Me
Preview: Abstracted LettersThis is one of the assignments for the Letter Love 101 class I took in February. I used watercolor markers (Tombow Markers) for most of it.#
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: @cmc11 they'll be back tomorrow too! Same place same time #hellodiabetes (2012-03-07T05:23:28Z)
: I just started a course called "Creativity & Multicultural Communication" #CMC11 (2012-03-06T19:47:14Z)
: RT @chrissinerantzi I love making things davidgauntlett making is connecting & other hearthy things (2012-03-06T14:16:02Z)
: You are so my child! LOL! @cmc11 Just heard someone complaining about having to write 6-7 paragraphs. #youreincollege (2012-03-05T14:10:06Z)
: @cmc11 only if you're running away to me <3 (2012-03-04T02:05:02Z)