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April 29, 2012


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Post Title: Goodbye #MOOC Season Hello ~ #CMC11, #POTcert11, #change11, #evomlit
By Vanessa, Feed Name: Computers, Language, Writing
Preview: It's a wrap for Mira Costa's Program for Online Teaching Program certificate course, which will return in September as #potcert12. Forget about the POThead jokes: we've already made them all. Change 11, not the infinite MOOC after all, is also coming down to the wire. Dave Cormier exhorts the weary and mooc-worn to catch their second wind and face the final five sessions like a ....
[Read More] 2012-04-23T09:43:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

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Title: about recent announcement and CMC continuations
Preview: Google+ Hangout: takes more bandwidth than I have access to. Sure would be nice to have a transcript (text) or report (blog post). Ditto YouTube. Continuations, China, connecting (because you can't do connectivism let alone exchange ideas about it unless you do): Using mostly Fb because it is convenient, I suspect I've missed out on some announcements (i.e. final projects) and .......
By VanessaVaile () on April 23, 2012. [Reply]

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: @cmc11 Hey, where'd ya go? (2012-04-28T23:23:23Z)
: @cmc11 keeps complaining about not having dessert (2012-04-28T23:21:30Z)
: @cmc11 is spray painting her hair (2012-04-28T00:25:49Z)
: @cmc11 is getting sassy with me #sexymanproblems (2012-04-28T00:33:15Z)
: @cmc11 want to stuff her face with ice cream (2012-04-28T00:32:21Z)
: @cmc11 is a liar and racist! #alertthepolice (2012-04-28T00:27:51Z)
: How to make an #art bowl from #pet bottle #recycle #creative #CMC11 #ecology #original (2012-04-27T01:01:59Z)
: Goodbye #MOOC Season Hello ~ #CMC11, #POTcert11, #change11, #evomlit: It's a wrap for Mira Costa's Program for O... (2012-04-23T14:45:04Z)