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August 19, 2012


Preview: We have been collecting bits about the world of MOOCs and we wanted to share some of them with you for your perusal. Foof for lots of mental stimulation and lots of incubation material here and maybe even a discussion and blog post or two, or three.CMC11 was developed as a direct result of the Cormier, Downes, Siemens connectivist MOOCs that we followed as learner/participants, though more as .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on August 17, 2012.

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Post Title: Call Me a Hippy
By tuckerandgypsy, Feed Name: tuckerandgypsy
Preview: This is how a simple argument can turn into creativity! I use lotion, every day, after I get out of the shower.  I like to have nice, smooth skin.  Well, my boyfriend thinks it’s kind of silly and so the other day he pointed out, “Do you even know what’s in that stuff?  It’s probably [...]
[Read More] Fri, 17 Aug 2012 18:00:16 +0000 [Comment]

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Title: Brain and Mindfulness
Preview: I wonder what role "Mindfulness" plays in Creativity as well as the role of mindfulness and changing the human brain. An article in the Scientific American Mind, addresses these amazing issues in a method adapted by many schools to actually help mold the brain of young students in a way that improves executive function through mindfulness training. I wonder what kind of effect this would have .......
By Harold3 () on August 17, 2012. [Reply]

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Title: Re: Creativity Neuron
Preview: Scott,I love your tag line ... "if you aren't endowed with creativity, you can steal it."  I might also posit that you can also develop creativity, endowed or not.Surely, patterns of neural pathways can be altered by behavior as well as by surgical and medicinal means.  Some time ago, and I cannot recall the publication source, I learned of a person who had been mostly paralyzed ....
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on August 18, 2012. [Reply]
Title: Re: Teachers perform miracles
Preview: I think many, many children fall through the cracks. Below is a link to an enlightening documentary called War on Kids that speaks about that and the fact that one size does not fit all.
By Harold3 () on August 17, 2012. [Reply]
Title: Re: Creativity Neuron
Preview: Scott,You raised a very interesting question regarding the possible evolutionary advantage or disadvantage to being creative. It's easier to see the advantage of being creative in the sense of survival. Were creative people of long ago better able to survive the elements? I think people who survived harsh conditions were more likely to pass those genes on to their offspring. In today's ....
By BWheat () on August 13, 2012. [Reply]

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