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August 27, 2012


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Post Title: Reflection for CMC11
By tuckerandgypsy, Feed Name: tuckerandgypsy
Preview: Hello again! This will probably be my last “official” post for CMC11, the MOOC I’ve been participating in. However, I do rather plan to contribute, I just don’t promise it will all be strictly related to the course!   To my understanding, the overall idea of the CMC11 MOOC is to open you up to [...]
[Read More] Sun, 26 Aug 2012 18:40:20 +0000 [Comment]

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Title: Re: Brain and Mindfulness
Preview: Wow, thank you for this post! I like the whole idea of this article and I think it could most definitely be applied to creativity. It never hurts to look at things and try them from a different perspective, which it seems is what the idea is here.
By sarah_arthur078 () on August 23, 2012. [Reply]

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: How to Be an Explorer of the World | #cmc11 #creativity @scoopit (2012-08-26T16:23:04Z)
: RT @qui_oui a shame if online ed has to be discussed only in extreme terms like this...not helping #mooc #cmc11 #potcert (2012-08-23T18:28:00Z)
: The Mechanical #MOOC...It's alive! But probably not coming after @jhrees...yet... #cmc11 #potcert #evomlit (2012-08-22T04:40:09Z)
: RT @couki1: @admcgregor3 glad you enjoyed the MOOC learning experience Try more MOOCs when you can #moocmooc #cmc11 (2012-08-21T22:23:04Z)
: 8 Steps to Global Business Success Powered by Social Media | Jeffbullas's Blog | #cmc11 @scoopit via @Content101 (2012-08-21T19:06:35Z)
: How to Turn Your Classroom into an Idea Factory | #cmc11 @scoopit via @melynntwit (2012-08-21T19:02:28Z)
: @admcgregor3 glad you enjoyed the MOOC learning experience Try more MOOCs when you can #moocmooc #cmc11 (2012-08-21T10:54:24Z)
: Beyond the buzzword: Transmedia for social change via @D_RockingChair | #cmc11 @scoopit (2012-08-20T19:46:10Z)