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September 22, 2013


Preview: we will be having a Google + Hangout.  We wil post more information about it next week.  Meanwhile, you might set up a Google account and check out the access for the Hangouts. There is nothing to prepare for the Hangout ... we will just be chatting about the MOOC experience.The Autumnal Equinox is tomorrow ... may your day and night be perfectly ...
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on September 20, 2013.
Preview: As we all try to find our flow and how to go through this new connectivist learning process, we thought an introduction to creativity might be helpful here.WHAT IS CREATIVITY?Dr Puccio is the head of the Creativity Studies Program at Buffalo State and he has some interesting thoughts about the creative process.  Perhaps you can apply some of them as you participate in the coming weeks in .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on September 19, 2013.
Preview: Some may still be having some difficulties registering your blog feed.  gRSS hopper harvests your registered blog posts and they are then published within this Newsletter. While it is also good to publish your blog posts in Facebook, the broader readership is within this Newsletter.  We know this may seem confusing at first, so in addition to the explanation within the blog .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on September 17, 2013.
Preview: Many of us are just starting our learning journey in a MOOC.  We are trying to figure out what is a PLN? what are we supposed to do? how do we follow what is happening?  And for these questions, the best reply is ... "just jump in and start playing around with what is here, in this MOOC".  Videos, readings, discussions, blog topics, Facebook posts, Tweets ... and more.  Do not try to do it .......
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on September 16, 2013.

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Post Title: Connectivism-Siemens interview-#CMC11 week 2
By Bonnie, Feed Name: #CMC11
Preview: I enjoyed George Siemens interview about connectivism. I particularly liked his analogy of connectivism to the unpredictability of the weather. Siemen states that connectivism is as complex as a weather system. The elements present are merely noted, how they react to each other is unpredictable.The accuracy of Siemens theory that increasing connectivism decreases loneliness is debatable. We may ....
[Read More] Wed, 18 Sep 2013 19:53:00 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: internet usage slowly promotes democracy over decades-#CMC11 week 1
By Bonnie, Feed Name: #CMC11
Preview: In the RSA Animate video, Evgeny Morozov states that foreign governments do not wish to suppress internet usage but rather encourage the citizens to monitor cyber-published material. Not so long ago, those governments did attempt to prevent exposure of its citizens to the Internet. Prevention was impossible, and NOW that the Web is unleashed, the government continues to exercise control by ....
[Read More] Sat, 07 Sep 2013 14:21:00 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: Teachers Needed or Not Needed?
By smaxy, Feed Name: Creativity Is Important
Preview: Week 2 – Title: Teachers Needed or Not Needed? Reading Reflection On: Connectivism: Questioning the Role of the Teacher? The article raises a good point in reference to the roles of a teacher. The question, " if technology is to point where students can access information at any time, then what facts, skills, or "big ideas", truly need to be taught under supervision of a teacher?", was ....
[Read More] Tue, 17 Sep 2013 02:29:00 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: Connected Whole
By smaxy, Feed Name: Creativity Is Important
Preview: Week 2 – Title: Connected WholeReading Reflection On: "Access Future" Steven Downes Steven Downes' booklet "Access Future" has really great information that can help anyone make better decisions in life. One of the things that I have learned from the booklet is to learn things not in isolation but to learn things to see how they relate to one another or to see what patterns are being ....
[Read More] Tue, 17 Sep 2013 02:22:00 +0000 [Comment]
Post Title: It's All about the Connection!
By smaxy, Feed Name: Creativity Is Important
Preview: Week 2 –Title: It's All about the Connection! Reading Reflection On: Seven Habits of Highly Connected People by Steven Downes I enjoyed reading "Seven Habits of Highly Connected People", written by Steven Downes. I learned several things from that article. First off, I used to think posting anything online is about sharing my viewpoints. However, from my understanding, posting is about ....
[Read More] Tue, 17 Sep 2013 02:11:00 +0000 [Comment]

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Title: Cannot use tumblr as a blog to connect with CMC11
Preview: Hi, I found out tumblr is not functional as a blogging service in connecting to our CMC11 MOOC. I had chosen tumblr because it is so simple to use, and I had a less than wonderful experience trying to use wordpress in the previous term at ESC. However, I found that using blogger (via Google) is just about as simple and intuitive as tumblr; thus, a happy ending, or actually, a happy beginning:)...
By RandyO () on September 21, 2013. [Reply]
Preview: As for me, my head was spinning in regards to what assignments do I do for this class. I felt like everything was all over the place. I then was advised by you and others, to take it one step at a time, which is what I have been focused on. I learned a little about this website, how to post a blog, and now I'm working on learning how does Twitter work. I have created a login name, .......
By stephanie_maxy436 () on September 16, 2013. [Reply]

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Title: Re: Why is creativity important?
Preview:   Thank you Bonnie for taking the time out to read the blog. Thank you for your support as well. You are absolutely right when you say  "academics is more than simply trying to retain specific knowledge". Unfortunately, It definitely takes years of experience to realize this. I'm happy we are on the right road going forward and I'm happy we get to share what we ....
By stephanie_maxy436 () on September 16, 2013. [Reply]

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