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January 13, 2014


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: [2 Jan 13] Ohh! Yuri PB by: deselim (1)

: [9 Nov 12] The redundant pyramid: how hierarchical learning structures are collapsing | via

: [16 Oct 12] Essay calling for new skills to be added to liberal arts disciplines | Inside Higher Ed | via

: [24 Nov 11] Cathy's , distance education, photography: thoughts on some reading I have been doing, creativity and photos

: [6 Nov 11] RT : George Siemens Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks at CMC11

: [31 Oct 11] RT : Cathy's Mixed Bag, distance education, photography: Visual Ethnography

: [8 Oct 11] Want to know what your students think about your sessions? Ask them! MOOC

: [22 Sep 11] Just uploaded 'Presentatie ghb 20110922' to SlideShare.

: [13 Sep 11] . Feeling frazzled in a post-911 world. And finding that many of faith feel the same.

: [11 Sep 11] The main reason for me personally to start the “_Food_ for thought” series (the title I gave to the video series) is...