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What are your difficulties in this MOOC?

By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on , November 6, 2011.

We are about to start week 9 of 13 Live Session Presentation weeks. 
Feel free to continue to contribute as long as you wish in this CMC11
MOOC, as it will be available for some time to come ... well into 2012
and who knows after that ...
Each week, a few more people have
registered and we have 350 registered participants and it would seem, a
large percentage of them are lurkers ... and that is very fine. 
Learning is good no matter when and how it happens ... although it would
be nice, if you are a lurker, to let us know if the lurking is due to
other commitments and time is not plentiful, OR if it is because you are
having difficulty with some aspect of the MOOC.  Technical or
philosophical ?  or any others ?  It would help us to know the
challenges folks are meeting, so we can address them in our subsequent
MOOC offerings.  Feel free to post comments here, or, if you wish to
remain "out of sight" ... just send me an e mail @

Thanks, so much.  We truly want the
learning journey to be an enjoyable one, and understand that there is a
bit of a shift from traditional learning models ... we would like to
make that shift more enjoyable in future iterations.  Thanks so much for
your help. 
(for Betty and Carol, CMC11 MOOC moderators)

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Re: What are your difficulties in this MOOC?
I am actually enjoying this MOOC learning experience. I'd suppose that my main concern would be the blogging aspect of it all. I read almost every post unless I am extremely bogged down by algebra,and pretty much understand it all. Initailly, some of the recommended readings were quite boring or too intellectual for me. As the weeks have come and gone,there have been some really insightful blogs post and Live sessions. Unfortunately I miss the Google hangouts because they seem to be on Sundays, the day that I am cramming to turn in other assignments and quizzes.
I think that the difficulty for me is blogging about everything that I read. Once I read something of interest, I'll stir it up a bit in my mind, toss it here and there, then apply when possible to real life situations. I do not always feel that I can fully express what I have comprehended in words.I have noticed though that when problematic situations arise, after participating in this MOOC, I am likely to step back and resolve issues in a more creative manner. I am a teacher in my home as well as outside of it, so I rethink lessons that I teach and have taught, and have been working on new ways of educating or thinking "out side of the box". This is still a learning process as old habits can be difficult to shed.
Global communication and connectivism in this day and age seem to be essential if we are to come together and become more creative problem solvers. The lessons learned in online learning environments a great step in that direction. I just hope that when everything is all said and done,I am there.
By victoryoftheppl (Nichole Reid) on November 11, 2011. [Reply]

Re: What are your difficulties in this MOOC?
This is actually all new to me, so it took me a while to catch on. Still in the learning process, I suppose. I'm glad I'm being introduced to new ways of online communication. Unfortunately, most of the hangouts/chat sessions are during times I'm not available, due to me working a full time job on top of managing school. My favorite thing to do here is finding articles, sites, and blogs pertaining to whatever the course contents are about that week and sharing them. I always like to learn from more than one source.
By MaraDeFilippo (Maria) on November 14, 2011. [Reply]

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