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Lurking in MOOCdom

By BWheat () on , May 14, 2012.

Hello fellow MOOCers,


I guess I am more of a lurker now although I participated in the MOOC as an ESC student two terms ago.  Think I'm going to enjoy being a lurker; I like the sound of the word.


The MOOC might seem a little intimidating at first, but when Carol says to 'jump in' she does means it. You'll be encouraged to use blogs, SlideShare, RSS Readers, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, and gain experience in understanding and using gRSShopper and Elluminate. These things are gonna sound really good on your resume under the heading of-transliteracy. This is the new buzz word in the job market.


Professionals from a variety of backgrounds contribute to the overall learning experience, which makes the MOOC a unique platform for learning. The Elluminate sessions are great for bringing the MOOC participants together and the interactive segments are a lot of just plain fun.


I'm looking forward to participating in the MOOC with you. If you'd like to check out the blog I created while taking the MOOC, click here:





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Re: Lurking in MOOCdom

It definitely bodes well for the quality of this course if you took it two terms ago and still lurk. I don't believe I've ever taken a course that I would be willing to revisit following completion. But, I guess that the subjects covered in CMC11 are constantly evolving, so lurking can help one keep up-to-date on the current state of MOOCs and the like.
By BrandyErdmann (Brandy) on May 29, 2012. [Reply]

Re: Lurking in MOOCdom
      I am re-entering this, so it may show up twice because the first time I typed it I wasn't logged in.
      So, on the topic of lurking, I feel it is, in this context, the same as a sort of way of actively observing. Something I intend to do the rest of my life as a lifelong learner, as many others probably do as well.
       As far as revisiting past courses, I would love to, because not only did I like my instructors a lot, but also the subjects I studied at esc. But that's not possible to do I don't think. I would even love to retake some of the courses and get a better grade, but it can be a bit expensive.
      You made some excellent points in what you wrote.
By danny_saiers569 () on June 1, 2012. [Reply]

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