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Brain and Mindfulness

By Harold3 () on , August 17, 2012.

I wonder what role "Mindfulness" plays in Creativity as well as the role of mindfulness and changing the human brain. An article in the Scientific American Mind, addresses these amazing issues in a method adapted by many schools to actually help mold the brain of young students in a way that improves executive function through mindfulness training. I wonder what kind of effect this would have on creativity? I could only locate a blog which best describes the article.

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Re: Brain and Mindfulness
Wow, thank you for this post! I like the whole idea of this article and I think it could most definitely be applied to creativity. It never hurts to look at things and try them from a different perspective, which it seems is what the idea is here. Neat!
By sarah_arthur078 () on August 23, 2012. [Reply]

Re: Brain and Mindfulness
This article makes me nervous. Am I cynical to think that creating tools and techniques for burrowing into children's minds will end up in the hands of marketers or worse? Having grown up in the era of cold war brainwashing maybe I'm sensing manipulation for bad ends instead of freeing young minds from the limitations of mental disease, social exclusion and mindlessness?

What if we lived in a better society where the spirit of creativity and tolerance made the misuse of science unthinkable? Undoing the damage that befalls some children is a noble cause but why do we need extraordinary tools to "fix" or "enhance" normal children? Could it be we've created a world that's beneath their needs?

Alternately, it might be evolutionarily sound thinking to teach kids to thrive on crap.
By scottHJ () on August 28, 2012. [Reply]

Re: Brain and Mindfulness
I agree Scott! Kids are being taught to thrive on crap and that's one of the problems. But I don't think that mindfulness fixes or enhances, I think it helps these kids to be more in touch with who they are and value just that - in this crazy world....and furthermore, in this crazy school system that doesn't leave room for creativity in it's one size fit all prison-like learning facilities. But if mindfulness were implemented in the same way we implement learning at our schools, it very well could be alerting, to say the least. We have created a world and definately educational institutions that is beneath their needs.
By Harold3 () on August 30, 2012. [Reply]

Re: Brain and Mindfulness
Hi Harold, It might be that teaching mindfulness using recent
discoveries in neuroscience could increase the general level creativity
among students--I'm not a doubter of this though it appear I might be.

  • Our
    school systems do not seek out or reward extraordinary performance.
    They teach the middle to bottom to keep children stunned, compliant and
    in their place.
  • Any "specialness" can't be recognized because it is undemocratic and usually disruptive.
  • This
    shunning of the special (unless you are specially compliant or
    specially adept following expected behaviours) is systemic to the ethics
    of the economy-of-scale mentality (mon-cropping of minds so to speak)
    that seems necessary to the operation of large scale public projects such as education.
of what I've said is either useful or new so I'd say that even though
feeding new ideas into the jaws of the Great Crapilizer of human
imaginational output that school represents to me is far better than not
doing it.
  • First, human minds, even as they bud forth, are
    remixers of messaging. So even if the institutional  intention to
    encourage is ruined in the interpretation by the dullards of curricular
    crapilization, some of the peskier students will see through to the
  • Creativity adapts and once let loose into any environment will find a way to survive and thrive.
  • After
    a while, all those faux advocates of creativity, innovation and
    life-long-learning (but are clueless to what it all means) through
    exhaustion will stop actively blocking it.
This looks like the
sort of innocently left near a school bus stop object of interest to
young minds encourager of creativity we could all leave around to help
the cause.
Scroll down to "How to be an Explorer of the World"

Or to this link:

Don't be afraid, these have been mentioned before and are approved by creative minds right there in your neighbourhood!
By scottHJ () on September 2, 2012. [Reply]

Re: Brain and Mindfulness
Creativity is like the magic trick. We can see the imagination go from new connections between old ideas to not relying on myth and superstitution.
By aterry (adrienne) on September 14, 2012. [Reply]

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