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CMC11 Cron Harvest test
RetSam Zhang, retsamesl, September 12, 2011
This is a test post for CMC11 Cron Harvesting!
Mon, 12 Sep 2011 13:49:26 +0100 [Comment]

PictureLog - Multicultural Experience Enhances Creativity - The When and How
RetSam Zhang, retsamesl, September 12, 2011
Following are the impressive ideas I got after reading the document( Multicultural Experience Enhances Creativity ). I also added my own creativity and inspirations to simplify the complex thoughts. Hope you find it helpful.

Multicultural experience may foster creativity by

  • (a) providing direct access to novel ideas and concepts from other cultures,

  • (b) creating the ability to see multiple underlying functions behind the same form,

  • (c) destabilizing routinized knowledge structures, thereby increasing the accessibility of normally inaccessible knowledge,

  • (d) creating a psychological readiness to recruit ideas from unfamiliar sources and places, and

  • (e) fostering synthesis of seemingly incompatible ideas from diverse cultures.

To increase your creativity, you may need to ...

  • be exposed ~ to different cultures or environments

  • adapt ~ to the new cultures with an open mind

  • reduce time pressure ~ just take your time

  • deemphasize mortality ~ mistakes are acceptabl

  • deemphasize firm answers ~ work on an open ended question

Mon, 12 Sep 2011 12:21:20 +0100 [Comment]

CMC11 MOOC Model1
RetSam Zhang, retsamesl, September 11, 2011
Just created this diagram to help us understand better the structure of the CMC11 MOOC, and to illustrate how participants can connect to the course and other people and make better decisions about what to do and how to do it. Hope you find this helpful. Kindly let me know if I made some mistakes or were confusing you. :D

Sun, 11 Sep 2011 19:09:15 +0100 [Comment]

CMC11 - Now open and ready for your free registration
RetSam Zhang, esl, September 2, 2011

Welcome To Creativity and Multicultural Communication

  • Website:
  • Date: September 12, 2011 – December 11, 2011 (Empire State College students finish 23 December 2011)
  • Technologies Used: Throughout this "course" participants may use a variety of technologies: blogs, Second Life, RSS Readers, UStream, Google +, Facebook, Diigo etc. Course resources will be provided using gRSShopper and online seminars delivered using Elluminate. Here is a link to the Google Groups that has been set up, for those who wish to join.
  • Facilitators: Betty Lawrence and Carol Yeager will co-facilitate this innovative and timely course.

CMC11 is an open online course that over 13 weeks explores the domain of Creativity and global communication in multidisciplinary venues . Participation is open to everyone and there are no fees or subscriptions required.

Register Here

Increasingly, the challenges we face are complex and open-ended and knowledge alone is not enough to reach innovative and effective approaches to these challenges. In addition, our networked world can provide us with a rich environment for creative problem solving. In this MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), our goal is to improve as creative communicators in a networked environment.

In this MOOC, we will explore our networked world in creative and deliberate ways. After an introduction, we will explore the theory of connectivism, a learning theory for the digital age, which will provide a framework for our study. We will then investigate Personal Learning Environments/Networked Knowledge (PLENK) and explore how connectivism and PLEs integrate knowledge. These two areas have been the subject matter of previous MOOCs.

Creativity and Multicultural Communication will be explored further through a study of metaliteracy and transliteracy, terms that are emerging as better ways to explain our communication in a multicultural environment.

The following weeks will be spent gaining a deeper understanding of Creativity and deliberate approaches to creative problem solving. And, we will then move to more specific examples of how creative approaches emerge and their global and multidisciplinary impact.

For a quick introduction to the MOOC model and how it works, please view the following videos.

Success in a MOOC

Knowledge in a MOOC

Mon, 29 Aug 2011 05:52:47 +0100 [Comment]

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