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What are the main challenges of Global Communication?
Sunflower EFL, Sunflower EFL, September 12, 2011
What are the main challenges of Global Communication?
Hang your own note on our Wallwisher!!
"Global Communication" Week 9by Silvia Purpuri and Retsam Zhang, as part of the Massive Open Education Course on Creativity and Multicultural Communication
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On Global Communication - a starter for brainstorming!
Sunflower EFL, Sunflower EFL, September 12, 2011
As part of the Massive Open Education Course (MOOC) on

during WEEK 9, Retsam Zhang and I will be exploring Global Communication!
Here's a starter for brainstorming:
Are we communicating globally or are we just imaginary cosmopolitans?
You are welcome to join the discussion by posting your comments below and share your ideas!
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Creativity & Multicultural Communication (CMC11)
Sunflower EFL, Sunflower EFL, September 2, 2011
CMC11  is an open online course that over 13 weeks explores the domain of Creativity and global communication in multidisciplinary venues. Participation is open to everyone and there are no fees or subscriptions required.
Register today @ !!
Course outline:
Week 1: Orientation
Week 2: Connectivism with Stephen Downes
Week 3: PLE with George Siemens
Week 4: Transliteracy and Metaliteracy: Emerging Literacy Frameworks for Social Media with Tom Mackey
Week 5:  Synthesizing and Refining Creativity with Alicia Arnold
Week 6: Upshifting Innovation with Russell Schoen
Week 7: Creativity and Innovation with CPS with Gregg Fraley
Week 8: Designing Online Immersive Environments for Higher Education with Glen Gatin
Week 9: Global Communication with Retsam Zhang and Silvia Purpuri
Week 10: Creative Communication with Jim Groom
Week 11: Creativity and TIM in education with Susan Keller-Mathers
Week 12: Global Project ~ HP Catalyst with Jim Vanides
Week 13:  Diversity and Inclusiveness with MHammoud
Weeks 14 and 15:  credit student presentations only

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