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Blog Post: zotero and cmc11
I've been interested in creativity for a long time, and I've been meaning to give it some serious study. Life always gets in the way though. I'm hopeful that CMC11 can help me regain some focus.

Being a librarian, I'm sometimes inclined to collect and organize things. Probably more the former than the latter - so I'm thankful that my wife is so tolerant. I started a Zotero group bibliography of some of the material that's been referred to in the course so far. I should do some tagging and add notes, if I find the time. If others think it a worthwhile endeavor, they're welcome to contribute whatever they like. If enough of us add, tag and annotate material, we would build a valuable resource.

In the course of doing that, I found that I already had a creativity folder in my Zotero collection, so I copied the contents to the group library. I guess the course has paid off already in reminding me to look over some of these things. If only I can find the time to start connecting some dots...

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