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Blog Post: Creativity in Play
It snowed. Not much, just about 2-3 inches. My dodge Durango with its non-functioning four-wheel drive could get around ok, so I didn’t really pay that much attention to the snow. My eleven year old had plans though. “Yes, I can make snowmen!” he declared. The snow was of the powdery sort, that doesn’t even [...]

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Blog Post: This is my type of creativity!

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Blog Post: Stopping the Flow
    I was in alone in a Masjid, taking a few random photos,  when I had a flashback.  This past Summer, a friend needed some photos for a brochure or something of the sort, this was not a problem I wasn’t very busy at the time. As she gave instructions about what images were [...]

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Blog Post: One small step in creativity
Last week I had the opportunity (almost missed it) to participate in an Elluminate presentation by Russell Schoen. I actually enjoyed this interactive session in which we had to figure out what type of creative thinkers we are , and what methods work best when it comes to unleashing individual creativeness. I was inspired. So [...]

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Blog Post: Sometimes We Forget

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Blog Post: Transliteracy… What if…
So I have been reading  and watching You Tube videos in an attempt to understand transliteracy.  From what I have come to understand, it is simply the ability to learn from a variety of methods and resources. For more educational purposes there is this definition- “Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across [...]

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Blog Post: First Blog
So, I have been  forced to write a blog. Actually a few friends suggested that I do so about a year ago. What for?  I asked. To me blogs just seem to be postings of random and not so random thoughts about life.  Ok, I actually read a lot of DIY blogs on almost anything, [...]

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Blog Post: Is quiet necessary for creativity?
I was driving along with minor disturbances from my children and grandchildren in the background, and formulated a question, is quiet a necessity for the creative thought process? From my personal experience , I’d immediately answer yes. I’d say that I am pretty outgoing, I enjoy meeting people, and human interactions to a certain degree. [...]

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