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Blog Post: TSMITW podcast isn't over yet!
How great is this?
I mean, honestly...


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Blog Post: "The Smartest Man In The World" - Sept 23rd podcast
Today's live session at noon EST was a little dicey. The presentation Tom Mackey had was very interesting but due to some technical glitches, the class wasn't able to interact or easily pose questions. I sent several direct messages to the moderators, but it seemed I wasn't sending anything. Twitter was offered as a method of interaction and posing questions, but it seemed only a few made it through, and none of mine made the cut.
"Transliteracy & Metaliteracy : Emerging Frameworks for Social Media"
I found the focus on the seven pillars of information literacy was particularly intriguing. I hadn't heard it mentioned prior to today and particularly enjoyed the explanation of them not being in a linear fashion.

Visual literacy!

That's it for the moment. My brain hurts and I need to re-type a paper for another (much less interesting, however necessary) class.

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Blog Post: No music title - No artist. I only hear the distant traffic and the wind.
I had planned my schedule around the September 29th live session, thinking it was at noon as usual. I logged in, noticing that I was alone. Ugh. I missed the announcement that the time was moved up and like walking into the empty lecture hall hours after the class was over, I logged off, defeated.
However, I made use of the recorded session and was able to enjoy Siemens presentation. I was struck by the feeling that though I was observing the recorded event, and even if live, everyone was scattered far and wide, we were indeed connected. Paying attention, reading, thinking.
Mr. Siemens said "we socialize to make sense of information", and I think the live sessions show that to be true. I know I started as a baffled MOOC newbie, (still somewhat, but improving) but attend and interact to make sense of the information!
I'm writing a big note, and putting a reminder in my iPhone (thank you, and rest in peace Steve Jobs) so I'll be on time for class tomorrow. I'd rather be connected live instead of a tape-delay.
PS - The Encarta graphic perfectly captured the change in how we access information. I remember it came with the Windows 95 computer I purchased so long ago. I can't imagine being limited to a few discs worth of information now, knowing how readily available everything is online today.

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Blog Post: Steinsky - "What Does It All Mean?" 1983-2006 Retrospective
Setting up a blog while trying to anticipate the demands and challenges of two new courses, but I'll use this exclusively for my reflections and notes for CMC11 - Creativity & Multicultural Communication. The course opens officially on 9/12, but was available for preview this morning. I'm going into this feeling fresh and completely open-minded, excited to learn and only mildly nervous.

Let's go.


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Blog Post: Still Steinski...
Quick addidtion :

Added hashtag to Twitter and Facebook.


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Blog Post: Lavay Smith - "Now Or Never" #cmc11
So I've suppose it isn't as clear as putting in my contacts, but maybe just an improved prescription?
This is starting to make a little more sense now. The MOOC world seemed to be populated with the masses who understand it's complexities and have it wired.
And me.
Not getting it.
After a live session / lecture / discussion, it seems a lot clearer now. I was waiting to see what I need to post, look for, read etc but now I'm putting myself out there and seeing what (and HOW) I can learn about CREATIVITY.
I think that is the basis of creativity anyway. If (insert your most influential artist here) waited to be spoon-fed the framework and guidelines to "be creative" they'd undoubtedly never become the artist they needed to be.
I remember hearing a story about one of those silly art school commercials several years ago. I can't for the life of me remember the name, but occasionally you'll see the adds on television asking you to "send for your free art test!" Call the 800 number and they'll ship you a packet of information about their program. The printed material they showed has a panel with a cartoonish turtle character and another with a stern looking pirate, each next to an empty panel where the hopeful artist tries to impress the school. The actor / artist in the commercial is shown dutifully filling in the empty boxes with a perfect, note-for-note rendition of the silly turtle and the pirate.
The story I heard had the "Hopeful Artist" played by the understudy "Fearless Wiseass With a Load of Talent and a Left-Of-Center Sense of Humour". He called and requested the information, and upon receipt, set out to draw what he saw on the art test. I believe he felt constrained by the small boxes on the pamphlet and used another piece of paper to send back for critique.
It must have been too dark in the room he was working in, as the final product didn't look a lot like the cute turtle or the pirate as they appeared in the school's pamphlet. The two characters were present in his piece, but now they were how HE wanted to show them.
I remember several inappropriate and immoral (illegal?) acts and images depicted in his work, and even though he did it as a goof, it was technically well done.
He shipped it off and didn't think much of it until he received a mailed reply months later. Inside was a cold form letter wishing him well, but saying he should keep working at it and they couldn't accept him at that time. No worries, as he sent it as a joke and currently had a career in the creative field of his choice.
Not long after the letter arrived, he received a phone call from an unfamiliar number. The caller was an employee from the art school who asked if he really was the one who created the piece that was sent in. Confirming that it was, the employee went on to say he was in charge of reviewing the majority of the entries that come in and his definitely stood out. It was against the company's code of ethics for him to directly contact anyone, as it was more of a cash grab to sell their courses, how-to books and art materials but he wanted to speak directly to the artist of this masterpiece.
This guy had to sort through envelope after envelope of mediocre entries, things that looked pretty good, and the occasional perfect copy of each little turtle and pirate drawing. Seeing this bizarre, crass but perfectly executed drawing stood out, and made him belly laugh to the point of needing to chat with the creator. He was assured that it was only sent in as a joke, and was relieved to see the sender was an artist by trade as his 'learning' would have been a waste of time for both parties.
This story really has two points :
1) To show real creativity, never simply copy what you see. It will never be genuine or stand out.
2) Though I cannot remember all of the facts and details pertaining to the above reminiscence, I think that shows my own creativity to be able to string it all together and have it make sense.2a) Plus, I believe I'd be in trouble if I typed and described everything that was shown in the drawing he sent in.2b) Or maybe my mind pixelated and fuzzed-out all of the naughty parts as self-preservation.
That's all for now. I smell brownies in the oven and it is extremely distracting.

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Blog Post: Rain on the windows, coffee (THANK YOU!) brewing in the kitchen.
Alright. I've completely goofed in my past attempts to load the RSS feed and I've been more than frustrated. I'm in the midst of swapping everything from my I-didn't-think-it-was-that-old laptop and external hard drives to the new Mac. Mostly seamless, but a few things have fallen through the cracks.
I'll also tack on a few posts that weren't apparently uploaded to Blogger.
And get that coffee.
I need it.

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Blog Post: City and Colour - "Little Hell"
I won't lie. This fascinates me, and absolutely terrifies me.
I'm not sure if it is the Fincher-esque, watercolor-left-in-the-rain, muddy visuals that spring from the brain or the fact that one day, everybody could actually SEE my strange dreams.
I'm in no way CREATIVE enough, but someone needs to get a hold of more of the recorded dream video, and set it to an ethereal soundtrack. Or edit it to make a short film.
Just not mine, please. NO ONE wants to see me naked, running the halls of my high school, late to class.

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Blog Post: The Jayhawks - "Hollywood Town Hall"
I'm confused.
The other day in our online live session, I stated that cooking shouldn't be confined or completely DEFINED by the recipe in front of you. I like recipes as a loose guide, and end up using my cooking knowledge from my past and my own CREATIVITY. I don't like the idea of copying word-for-word, scooping up and counting grains of rice, drops of vinegar and shakes of spices.
I went on to say that cooking is an art. I thoroughly feel that, but it contradicts my feelings of CREATIVITY.
I feel that one who is truly creative cannot copy the work of another. That being said, I don't plan on figuring out on my own how to cook a twenty-five dollar cut of meat. I'll use my experience, but if if I were just starting out, I'd look it up as not to reinvent the wheel, OR ruin my dinner.
Can CREATIVITY build on what others have done so many times before us?
I have a chateaubriand in a light marinade as we speak, waiting for dinner. I made a marinade from memory and without measuring. I let the meat warm on the platter, laid slight cross slices into it, and let it soak a while. I plan on heating the grill, and cooking it by sight, smell and touch to determine when it is done.
I'm not sure I am.
If I were, wouldn't I take the meat, put it into the blender, wear it on my head for a while, sprinkle it with M&M's then microwave it? Because that is different?
I'm confused.
And hungry.
Not for the M&M recipe though.

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Blog Post: Matthew Sweet - "Girlfriend"

I'm not sure I'm connected.
I wanted to add a photo I took while in Iceland. I know my wife added everything when we were transferring things to the new Mac, but I can't seem to grab pics from the photos on her profile area.
So, defeated, I went & pulled the one I had posted on Facebook.

Here's the pic, in all of it's low-res, highly compressed muddiness.
We spent the day at Gullfoss and the southwestern corner of Iceland. Walking back to the car, with my wife in the foreground and the glaciers in the far background. Of course, they'd be far easier to see with the photo I WANTED to post.
I'll get better at this.

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Blog Post: Paul Langlois - "Fix This Head"
Thank you, Starbucks drive-thru!


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