Creativity & Multicultural Communication

Connections through Minds and Cultures

By Jennifer

My name is Jennifer and I'm a lifelong learner curious about people, ideas, technology and adventures. I started this blog for the MOOC course CMC11 and looking forward to making interesting connections through minds and cultures...
The world we live in is an interconnected one. We are continuously learning from every day experiences, people, ideas, and cultures. We are constantly learning and sharing twofold because as we relearn and analyze, we are allowing ourselves a second chance to notice something that perhaps we overlooked in the first lesson. MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a great platform to reveal this and it's something that is rapidly growing and expanding in the learning community. It offers endless sharing of knowledge and connecting in which participants can engage and expand their creative learning networks. I am thrilled to be a part of this course, CMC11 (Creativity & Multicultural Communication) and to have the opportunity to connect with so many interesting "MOOCers". I am also inspired by the creative energy around the world, the diverse ideas and cultures that are shared and challenged every day which is why I named this blog Connections through Minds and Cultures. In this blog I hope to share and reflect "MOOCingly" while exploring diverse cultures, ideas and people as a lifelong learner throughout the journey.
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