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Blog Post: Reflection for CMC11
Hello again! This will probably be my last “official” post for CMC11, the MOOC I’ve been participating in. However, I do rather plan to contribute, I just don’t promise it will all be strictly related to the course!   To my understanding, the overall idea of the CMC11 MOOC is to open you up to [...]

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Blog Post: Call Me a Hippy
This is how a simple argument can turn into creativity! I use lotion, every day, after I get out of the shower.  I like to have nice, smooth skin.  Well, my boyfriend thinks it’s kind of silly and so the other day he pointed out, “Do you even know what’s in that stuff?  It’s probably [...]

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Blog Post: Creative Thinking Exercises
This week I’m going to make my post rather brief.  I found an awesome website with one page dedicated to creative thinking techniques.  They’re all little 1-5 minute exercises that help to change the way you look at things.  They make the point that we are conditioned to always think in particular patterns and it’s [...]

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Blog Post: The Way We Live Now (Part II)
I know I’m wordy and I tend to ramble…But here are the last three questions I chose to answer.   9) What piece of writing has most changed your heart and mind? Phrase, lyric, letter, book, poem, inscription. I love science fiction/fantasy novels, particularly the fantasy (sometimes that sci-fi gets a bit much for me).  [...]

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Blog Post: The Way We Live Now
I’ve been looking through the discussion threads and I found an interesting one pointed out by Carol Yeager.  She directs us to the page that poses 25 questions relating to the way we live now.  I’ve picked out 6 of the questions I feel strongly about, but I’ll break them up into two posts. [...]

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Blog Post: Future Problem Solving Program
Hi All! So, I’ve been reading some of the information on our CMC11 course site and while I read it, I keep thinking about how this applies to FPSP.   And I’m curious if anyone is familiar with the program?  It’s funny, because the program is quite large, there’s an annual international competition, but there [...]

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Blog Post: Creative Thinking Techniques
Hello Again! Well, I’m trying to get better at participating in my MOOC and I’m quite enjoying it.  In fact, today I decided to just Google creative thinking and see what I could come up with and I found a really great article.  The article is by Neroli Makim and she references Prof. Richard Wiseman’s [...]

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Blog Post: Creative Thinking in Mathematics

Creative Thinking in Mathematics

In trying to better my participation in the MOOC I'm in I started thinking about what creative things I know about.  Well, I'm a math major and just recently took History of Mathematics.  In one of our discussions, one of my classmates introduced us to crocheting geometry.

Here's a (hopefully) brief explanation.  There are two main forms of geometry:  Euclidean and non-Euclidean.  Euclidean geometry is what most of us are probably familiar with, and is comprised of the x, y, andz-axes.  These axes extend infinitely in the form of planes (think of a plane as a sheet of paper, a two-dimensional flat surface).  Pretty much, Euclidean geometry is what people call geometry.

Non-Euclidean geometry can be broken into two different forms.  First, there's Riemann geometry, or the geometry of a circle.  You can sort of think of this as the latitude and longitude lines on a globe.  There's more to it than just that, but essentially Riemann geometry is concerned with arcs on a sphere.

Finally, there's hyperbolic geometry; this is considered the geometry of outer space.  Hyperbolic geometry consists of a single, two-sided surface that continuously expands and grows.  It's actually a rather interesting concept.  But to get to my point:  it's really easy to model and picture Euclidean geometry, and Riemann geometry is performed on a sphere which is also easy to model and picture.  However, it's really quite difficult to model hyperbolic geometry.  It can be done, but in the past any such model was very delicate and fragile and easily broken.  That is, until 1997 when Daina Taimina of Cornell University realized she could crochet a model of hyperbolic space.

At the end of this post is a website showing how this creative take on mathematics can be "applied" to the real world.  I encourage you to simply Google "crochet hyperbolic geometry" and see what all you can find.  You can also Google how to do this, it's very simple and can be done by someone who has never crocheted in their life.  (Not to mention if you just keep going with it, it's a really cool end product!)

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Blog Post: What is Fair is What is Possible…
In reading the information provided for week one in my MOOC I ran across this quote: “What is fair is what is possible” and it really rang true to me. We always complain that life is not fair; I do it, you do it, we all do it. But why is that such a big [...]

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