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Blog Post: cmc11- catalyst
It’s unreal but my opinion of technology is slowly being changed. I always had a positive opinion of it but, still saw negatives. I am finding more and more positives as this course emerges. I found it interesting how Dr. … Continue reading →

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Blog Post: cmc11- creativity, play and today
“Experts say creativity is innate, so it can’t really be lost. But it needs to be nurtured.” Is stated in Are Today’s Youth Less Creative & Imaginative? by By Rachael Rettner of NBC News. My initial opinion is that technology … Continue reading →

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Blog Post: CMC11 – A biased approach or an enhanced approach??(week 8)
I believe the world is established upon a bias. We each have our opinions, narrative upbringing and life choices that are developed by experience and exposure. From the Wikipedia List of Cognitive Biases I pasted the definition of choice-supportive bias. … Continue reading →

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Blog Post: CMC11- Creativity Needs Boundaries …. So Ironic
I find it so ironic that the generalization of a creative person generally gives the idea that the individual is very free and spacy. When in fact, creativity needs structure. Freedom needs structure. Right now we are celebrating the holiday … Continue reading →

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Blog Post: CMC11
Just attempting to get a hang of this course.. A bit complicated.

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