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Learning through play? @pgcap #coresep11 #CMC11 MOOC

By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on link by Chrissi Nerantzi, Learning through play? @pgcap #coresep11 #CMC11 MOOC, October 18, 2011.

Yes, EPaul Torrance was a strong proponent of teaching creativity and creative teaching. "The
Search for Satori & Creativity"
is one of my most prized books (yes a real, paper book!) He lays the foundation for TIM ... a concept used in
teaching, especially for the gifted and talented, and as well, for
mining creativity in all. In it, he responds to the question "Can people
reared in the American culture accept a concept of creativity that
cannot be attained instantly – a kind of creativity that requires
perseverance, diligence, time and hard work?"

The honest and deep research in creativity, over more than 50 years in the US, lays
the foundation for much of Torrance's further research and emergent
methodologies for creativity in education. He is one of the more
prominent pioneers in creativity and developed thought processes for
educators to help people recognize and develop their own creative
potential as well as that of others. TIM, Torrance Incubation Model, will be covered in CMC11 in a few weeks, around the middle of November.

Your visual summary, plus the vidcast, highlight, in Torrance's
parlance, the importance of play, exploration, the use of fantasy,
making "it" swing and making "it" ring, digging deeper, looking at it
another way (love the math "toys"), and extending the boundaries. It is
not complicated. It does ask for an open mind and a willingness to
embrace ambiguity.

The images you have included, with text, help us to visualize "It", richly and colorfully. Thank you.

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Re: Learning through play? @pgcap #coresep11 #CMC11 MOOC

I really like the phrase "mining for creativity" because some people - probably a lot of them - are not even aware of their hidden talents. Those who end up in gifted classes are very fortunate that their special genius was evident to others. A friend of mine took up miniature painting and sculpting at age 45 and has an amazing collection of her art now. She tells everyone that she decided one day to give it a try.

By BWheat () on October 22, 2011. [Reply]

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