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about recent announcement and CMC continuations

By VanessaVaile () on , April 23, 2012.

Google+ Hangout: takes more bandwidth than I have access to. Sure would be nice to have a transcript (text) or report (blog post). Ditto YouTube.

Continuations, China, connecting (because you can't do connectivism let alone exchange ideas about it unless you do):

Using mostly Fb because it is convenient, I suspect I've missed out on some announcements (i.e. final projects) and discussion here. I found the creativity/trans-multicultural literacy engaging and a natural for me. I am all for keeping on. I start tagging again. Are we using social bookmarking? FYI Diigo, among other features, has a good comment and sharing features, enough to use as a discussion forum.

China ~ it's probably a good and perhaps even necessary exercise to think about how we can connect / communicate without (eek!) Facebook or Google. A challenge, but hardly the end of meaningful online communication. Let's start with what is open and where Chinese participants *can* connect. What blogging platforms are available? Can we use theirs? What about Yahoo, email lists, bulletin boards, other social media, bookmarking, photo sharing with comment features?

Not entirely OT, I offered to help an Italian friend in Australia with a project for low bandwith access project putting basic literacy / skills / K-12 education resources online for a Haitian orphanage. How multi-cultural can you get?

Nuff for now (now thinking maybe copy this to recycle - repurpose - in a blog post) ~ Vanessa

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Re: about recent announcement and CMC continuations
Sorry to take so long to respond here ... time does not seem to be in as much abundance as the demands upon it might indicate ... the bandwidth issues as well as inability to access some digital venues in other global areas does put a bit of a challenge in front of us. I need to re-connect with the folks in China and find out what they might deem useful for their participation.

Augmenting Google + Hangouts, we might also try some Skype video conferencing.  Do you know the maximum number for individual participation?

We used the Google+ Hangout in the conference presentation, bringing in Chrissi in the UK and Jim Stauffer in the Northwest Territories.  It was mildly amusing that these wider networks were able to access and the more local, US based folks, has challenges ... it was primarily for demo purposes and the global inclusion factor.

My apology for not aggregating and sending out your last blog post, and a super one it is, with the previous NewPosts.  I lost track of the timing settings and had to prevail upon RetSam to get us back on track.  Hopefully all can be harvested in a more timely manner now. 
By carol yeager (Carol Yeager) on May 7, 2012. [Reply]

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