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Many Thanks to Retsam Zhang ...

our technical person extraordinaire for "fixing" many of the new blog feeds.  Many of you have successfully entered the RSS feed url; a few, are still having difficulties.  Please make sure you have the RSS feed url, and not merely the url for your new blog.  They are 2 different items.  If you are having difficulties locating the RSS feed url with your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) please google how to find the RSS feed for your specific browser ... handy instructions should be the result.  With the changes and upgrades to browsers and blog services, we do not always have the most current "search tips" for every browser.

We will endeavor to send the NewPosts on every day there has been posted activity ... please accept an advanced notice that this may not always happen ... and we will do our best, so please make sure you generate some activity for us to send out.  Thanks.