Creativity & Multicultural Communication


I had completely forgotten that this course template does not support Tumblr.  Mea Culpa to those who have been desperately trying to submit their feeds, awaiting approval.  I was stumped too, since the other MOOC I am developing (VizMath) right now, does support Tumblr.  A big thank you to Retsam for the reminder!
And so, perhaps the Tumblr fans can start a new bog, maybe in Blogger or WordPress, and copy/paste from what has already been created?  Thanks.

Today's NewPosts has a few blog postings, no new comments on discussions and a tweet or two.  REMINDER: check tweets as they are a rich source of connections and additional learning opportunities.  If you are not a Twitter person ... become one.  It is easy, fast and painless ... even I have become a tweeter and am finally getting the hang of how it works in an educational venue.  Try it, you might like it!