Creativity & Multicultural Communication


Please remember to tag your blog posts with #cmc11 so they can be harvested to appear in the Newsletter.  If they do not have the tag, they do not appear.  Thanks.

And speaking of blog posts: the main puropose of writing them is for you to reflect on some new ideas and incorporate your thinking about what you have read, seen, learned, understood or did not like.  Writing a summary of the item is not a reflective posting; it is a review of what was written, said or seen.  It is better to include a link to what you read, heard or saw and let others know what you think ... then, they can process their own reflections on all of the connections ... that is how connectivist learning and exchanges can work best.

We would like to set up a Google Hangout for next week ... please weigh in as to best time and date for you ...  would love to hear from you for scheduling purposes. Thanks.