Creativity & Multicultural Communication


If you are just starting with CMC11, a connectivist MOOC, you may feel lost, confused and maybe with a wee bit of stress ... not to worry ...this is normal at the start.  This is a different way of learning and all new things take some time with which to adapt. It will gradually sort itself out as you reach out to other participants ... some, who have been around for a while; and some, like you, who are new to the more organic learning journey presented within.

Just jump in, get your feet wet, and doggie paddle for a bit.  Ask questions on Facebook, in the Discussion arena, or even in your blog postings.  Which reminds me ... make sure to create a main blog for yourself and register it as per guidelines in registering a feed. The following link will offer you a glimpse at what the rss url link should look like ...

Be patient with yourself and the learning journey and you will be amazed at how much learning will occur.  If you need more guideposts ... check out the Learning Contract under the "addendum" section.  Just remember ... these are guideposts and you will be the best judge of what and how you are learning.  Then tell us all about it in your blog!

PS Make sure you create a Twitter account as well as a Google + account ... we will be having some live  sessions in each of these.  We will post the announcements of them a few days before ... in the NewPosts newsletter.