Creativity & Multicultural Communication


Many of us are just starting our learning journey in a MOOC.  We are trying to figure out what is a PLN? what are we supposed to do? how do we follow what is happening?  And for these questions, the best reply is ... "just jump in and start playing around with what is here, in this MOOC".  Videos, readings, discussions, blog topics, Facebook posts, Tweets ... and more.  Do not try to do it all at one time ... just pick one area and sample it until you feel a little bit familiar with it ... then move to another ... and to another. We will soon start some Google + Hangouts, so make sure you get a Google e mail account and check out what a G+ Hangout is.  You will be doing a lot of research on your own and discover and then share what you find with all of us.  Enjoy the journey ...

Some of us have been hanging around for a while in CMC11 and are still trying to sort out creativity and what makes us creative.  We will be posting videos and assorted new materials in attempt to keep your thinking fresh and stimulated for even newer discoveries in thinking.  HERE is a video form Buffalo State's ICSC that can act as a trigger for each of use ... enjoy and let us know what you are thinking.