Creativity & Multicultural Communication


Please review the Learning Contract included in the addendum section of this learning journey.  You should assess your personal learning network as well as your participation from September through now.  If you are seeking more than 2 credits, a final project is in the requirements and we need to coordinate when you will present yours ... and how (in what platform, venue, etc).  This is an important aspect of your learning and we expect it to be presented no later than 17 December.  Please contact me regarding your plans ... thank you.

Additionally, please note that a final reflection blog should be posted and that should happen before the 15th of December.  Make sure you have a properly registered blog so it will appear in the NewPosts.

While the credit seeking participation is coming to a denouement, feel free to continue to play in the creativity MOOC sandbox as you wish.  There should be some new participants joining us mid January, as well as some of the long term folks who have been recharging elsewhere and involved in the holiday flurry of activity!